Muhlenberg Film Courses: Spring 2017

Film Studies at Muhlenberg

COM 240 Introduction to Film Analysis 
Introduces different approaches for analyzing film, including formal, narrative, and social/cultural. 
Tu/Th 2-3:15 & screening Sun 6-8 pm 
FLM 204 Film History II: 1950 - Present 
Explores important post-World War II European developments, dramatic changes in production in the United States, as well as the recent emergence of national cinemas in countries all over the world. 
Tu/Th 9:30-10:45 & screening Tu 7-9 pm 
FLM 287 Indiewood, USA 
Explores the movement to develop and sustain a low-budget, risk-taking, reality-based strain of independent film production in America as an alternative to the dominance of commercially-driven Hollywood products.  
M/W 11-12:15 & screening M 7-9 pm 
ITL 385 Italian Cities in Italian Film 
Studies major works of Italian film culture from the post-war period to the present and from a wide variety of genres and styles, to see the astounding transformation of Italian society, politics, and culture as typified by its urban landscapes. 
M/W 2-3:15 & screening Sun 8-10 pm 
ENG 263 Postwar British Theatre & Film 
Explores the “second renaissance” of British drama in the 1950s and the parallel British New Wave of cinema, examining a drama overtly engaged with issues of class, gender, and sexuality, and the bold, taboo-breaking movies that followed. 
Tu/Th 2-3:15 
ENG 321 Shakespeare Reproduced 
A study of the reproduction of Shakespeare's plays on film and television and of the appropriation of Shakespeare's plays by modern playwrights, concentrating on the most adventurous recent work in these genres. 
M 2-5 & W 3:30-4:45 

Video Production  at Muhlenberg

COM 251 Introduction to Moviemaking 
Introduces basic concepts of time-based visual media (film, video, digital). Students will learn how to work with cameras, audio, and post-production equipment. 
2 sections: Tu/Th 2-3:15 and Tu/Th 3:30-4:45 
COM 351 Video Production 
Refines an understanding of video/television concepts and operations through the application of advanced production techniques. Provides hands-on experience beginning with the development of a professional project, treatment, script, and storyboard.  
Tu/Th 11-12:15 & Wed 9-10:50 am 
COM 467 Advanced Video Production 
Students explore the convergence of video and digital media while studying the problems of constructing narrative and documentary texts within emerging experimental formats.  
Tu/Th 3:30-4:45 
ENG 226 Introduction to Screenwriting 
Examination of screenwriting fundamentals: story structure (theme and plot), character, dialogue, scene description and development, and script formats. Students will prepare character profiles, treatments, and at least one screenplay. 
Wed 2-4:50 
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